An accurate sail design is the first step of the MEMBRANE integrated Banks Sails proprietary system.

Banks Sails software has been created exclusively for our designer’s needs and requirements. Our central design centre is located in Bari – Italy.

 3D Modeling

In the 3D modeling software our designer is able to re-produce the rig, hull and the deck plan of the yacht, to calculate the exact flying shape and dimensions required.

 Aero Analysis

The CFD unit of the software enables us to find the optimum lift to drag ratio of the undeformed sail.

 3D Fiber Layout

Futuristic structures in continuous evolution follow the natural load and stress paths.

In the sail every single line, every curve satisfies specific structural needs, both esthetical and functional.

 Aeroelastic Analysis

Our Finite Element Software (FEA) calculates the deformed sail shape with wind and rig loads applied. Then CFD analysis calculates lift to drag ratio and CP position for the deformed (real) sail.

 On Water Testing

The Banks Sails lamination facility is next door to the design centre and sail loft. The close loop between design, lamination, manufacturing and on the water testing is the key to fast track winning development process. Sometimes only few hours separate an idea from the actual on water sailing.

Design is nothing but fixing ideas conceived by experienced and talented men.