Banks Sails has a large number of sailmakers and service points on the European territory and is growing throughout the world


Sep 8, 2022

Banks Sails srl is pleased to announce that also this year we will be present at the Genoa show at Stand SB17 and it will be possible to visit two boats < b> Neo Yachts of which we are resellers

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Sep 22, 2021

Come visit us in Genova from  16 to 21 of September,  Sailing World stand SZ11.

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Projects – ICE YACHTS – ICE 54#01

Dec 9, 2020

From the collaboration between BANKS SAILS and the ICE YACHTS shipyard, the first ICE 54 “Elin”is born. Collaboration strongly desired by the owner and followed by the entire BANKS team and our Swiss dealer and sail designer Ernst Rohner. The upwind sails (fully battened mainsail, furling jib, furling upwind satysail) have been made with iREVolution…

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Projects – Neo Yachts – NEO 430 Roma

Dec 9, 2020

The collaboration between BANKS SAILS and the NEO YACHTS shipyard goes on! The firstborn is entirely equipped with upwind iREVolution XLite sails (fully battened mainsail, furling jib, upwind staysail), and radial Cableless Laminate CODE 0 and radial Asym. SAIL PLAN SAILS PROJECTS RESULTS

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UVAI magazine – December 2019

Dec 13, 2019

“3 anni fa ho scelto Banks Sails e iREVolution per il mio nuovo GS-58, perche ho apprezzato una nuova tecnologia e percepito grande passione e competenza nei miei interlocutori.Le eccezionali proprietà del Dyneema®, lo hanno reso fibra perfetta per scotte e drizze: sembrava essere l’ideale anche perle mie vele.inizialmente la crociera era il mio unico…

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Seahorse – January 2020

Dec 12, 2019

“The exceptional properties of Dyneema that make it the perfect material for your sheets and halyard also make it the smartest choice for your Performance Cruising and Offshore Racing. The intensive use of High Modulus Dyneema fibres alongside aramid and carbon fibres makes our iREVolution Durable, Light, Ripstop, Shockproof, Stable, Waterproof, UV Resistant. Custom-tailored on…

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Projects – SOLARIS 64#01

Sep 12, 2019

  PROJECT DESCRIPTION Two years ago, the owner chose to power his under construction SOLARIS 64#01 with our new iREVolution MEMBRANE.

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Project – NEO 350#02

May 27, 2019

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Also the #02 hull of  the smallers boat from Neo Yachts & Composites is in the water! Neo 350 is a fast light and this time in Racer/Cruiser version, designed and built with a special eye to the latest ORCì rules to be the largest yacht (GPH) of the C group with an attention…

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New Banks Sails loft ready in Ancona!

Dec 14, 2018

NEW 500 sqm Loft   New Banks Sails loft ready in Ancona! Just in the center of Marina Dorica in the center of Adriatic Sea. To serve all locals and Transit yachts.

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