Banks Sails points are widely distributed in Italy and Europe

Banks Sails EU

Banks Sails Membrane

Banks Sails EU was created from the reorganization of Bruce Banks Sails, one of the oldest sailmaking brands in the world originally founded in 1962 by Bruce Banks.

The group is technically headed by Paolo Semeraro, an Italian hydraulic engineer, former Olympic and America's cup sailor, who is still actively sailing at the highest international level.

Outstanding race winning experience combined with hydraulic, mechanical and material knowledge allowed Banks to develop new sailmaking techniques.

A wide number of Banks Sails production lofts and service points are distributed in Italy and European territories.

Many World, European and National titles that have been won using membrane technology, the increasing number of prestigious cruising yachts equipped with MEMBRANE is the sign of a successful forward looking company that is innovative, creative and focused towards the European market: a European product for the European market!